Are Twisted Goat ties waterproof? 

Yes. They are made to be used in snow, rain, around sprinklers, plumbing, and more.  

How to do the packs work and what are the different sizes? 

Twisted Goat ties come in three different sizes: 3-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot ties. They can be purchased individually or in different packs. The packs breakdown: 

  • Starter Packs come with one of each.
  • Variety Packs come with two 3-foot, four 6-foot, and two 10-foot ties. 
  • Jumbo Packs come with four of each.

What country is this made in? 

Manufactured in China. 

Are they environmentally friendly? 


Can these be used outdoors for Christmas decorations? How do they handle freezing temperatures? 

Yes. Twisted Goat ties are perfect for keeping christmas lights in place in harsh weather and cold temperatures. 

Does this product contain latex?


What's the warranty on the product

30-days back money guaranteed.

How stretchy are the ties? 

They are not stretchy. They are meant to loop and wrap around things for a strong grip. 

What are they made of?  

Patented nylon-covered steel wire. With signature Twisted Goat rubber ends. 

Do they lose their grip or firmness over time? 


How wide are the ties? Do they change depending on length? 

No. All ties have the same width of about an inch. The rubber grip ends are slightly bigger. 

Can you tie two Twisted Goat ties together to make a longer one, and if so, how well do they tie together? 

Yes. The rubber ends were made to catch on each other easily. Combine any of the three sizes to get a customized length depending on the project. 

Are they good for working under the hood or wielding? 

The grip and heat resistance of the ties make them perfect to work around engines. 

Can they be cut to different lengths? 

No. Do not cut the ties. 

What are the benefits of a nylon-covered fastener compared to a rubber one? 

When rubber is exposed to weather elements, or various temperatures, it becomes brittle. Our Twisted Goat design with nylon is made to avoid this problem.